Getting the Most Benefit from Online Learning  

Reducing Distractions

  • Turn off computer and phone notifications during work hours.
  • Reward yourself for finishing tasks with small treats or fun breaks.
  • Keep your workspace tidy so you are not tempted to procrastinate with cleaning.

Staying Engaged

  • When attending your online class, take notes just as you would when you are there in person. Do not depend on yourself to re-listen to the recorded lecture later to take notes.
  • If you are watching a recorded lecture, watch it at normal speed. Your ability to learn information may drop if you speed up the video.
  • When attending an online class or watching a recorded lecture, focus on that one activity. Do not be tempted to multitask (e.g., do not try to attend class and check your email). Multitasking may cause switching our attention between tasks, and that results in wasting time, making mistakes, and remembering less.

Creating Social Support

  • As most of you do not meet up with others in person because of the pandemic, your online course is the best way to combat the sense of isolation you face. Thus, try to see online lectures and study groups as opportunities to have enriching social connections.
  • It’s important to find ways to engage in social interactions with your classmates when your classes go online.
  • Schedule online study groups to complement your independent work.
  • Schedule chat times with friends as rewards for work completed or intentional breaks in the day.
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