Preparing For Online Learning

Creating a Learning Environment

  • Wherever possible try to create a dedicated workspace in a quiet place.
  • Keep everything you will need nearby (notebook, post-its, pen, pencil, water, etc.).
  • Communicate to those around you about your need to focus.
  • When you are working in your workspace, sign out of social media, turn off notifications, and block apps.
  • Plan breaks away from your workspace.
  • Finding a quiet, unoccupied space is difficult for many people. Do your best, and communicate with your instructors about any challenges you are facing as soon as possible.
  • For your language learning process this semester, write down one goal you have for it. It can be functional (“I want to pass the English Proficiency Exam”) or developmental (“I really want to understand and speak English the best I can”). Put your goals up in your workspace, and use them to keep you motivated.

Getting Set for Online Classes and Online Appointments

  • Test using the platform (i.e. WebEx) before your first lecture or appointment. 
  • If you have headphones and a microphone, make sure they are working properly.
  • If possible, try to have some decorations on the wall or pillows in the room to reduce echoing. If you are getting a lot of echoing, try using earphones with a microphone.
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