Speaking Support

Speaking Support Consultants help DBE students improve their public speaking, presentation, and oral communication skills.  Speaking consultants listen, ask questions, and provide guidance for speakers of all abilities in a variety of contexts, from presentations to discussions and interviews. Through Speaking Support services, the Learning Center ( LC) is committed to supporting speakers to effectively speak and listen in order to engage meaningfully in academic and daily conversations.

Through group and individual speaking consultations, we offer students the opportunity to practice speaking and receive constructive feedback on content, delivery, and impact of their speech.

Note: During the 2021 spring term, Pre-intermediate and Lower intermediate group students can benefit from the online Speaking Support services.

In a speaking support session, you may work collaboratively with a consultant to:

  • improve effective oral communication skills
  • research and write speech content
  • brainstorm ideas or outline a speech
  • rehearse a presentation
  • polish your delivery skills
  • plan to lead or participate in a class discussion
  • practice your conversation skills
  • create a video recording of a presentation




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