Note: For the 2021-2022 academik year, all Special Needs Support sessions will be held online.

Special Needs Support Advisors working at the LC aim to provide you with equal access to the facilities and services of the Department of Basic English. They work in cooperation with METU Disability Support Unit to make the necessary adjustments of the teaching materials and the exams depending on your special need.

Online Special Needs Support sessions will be hosted on WebEx. In order to participate, you will need access to a microphone, a webcam, speakers, and internet connection.  If you have a difficulty in using technology because of your disability, you can send an e-mail to dbagci@metu.edu.tr.


How can a Special Needs Support Advisor Help You?

-S/he can help you cope with the difficulties you may encounter during your education at the Department of Basic English.

-S/he makes sure all the adaptations the Letter for Academic Accommodation (LAA) requires are realized.

 -S/he acts like a bridge between the Department of Basic English and Disability Support Office.

 -S/he informs the lecturers about the necessary adaptations from the LAA

How to Schedule Your Appointment

  1. Click our link to the Special Needs Support scheduling page.
  2. Sign in with your METU ID and password.
  3. Select the appropriate appointment time in the navigation bar.
  4. Confirm your appointment.


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